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Chalmers Suite

Enhance your homeless prevention approach with Chalmers Suite, designed to serve everyone from at-risk individuals to policymakers.

Micro & Macro solutions

Micro & Macro Solutions

Chalmers Suite connects the dots within the entire spectrum of homelessness prevention with two leading-edge software options.

Launch in 12 weeks

Launch in 12 weeks

We can introduce Chalmers Suite to any municipality in North America in 12 weeks.

Chalmers mascot

Chalmers Chatbot

Find help in seconds with Chalmers, the friendly chatbot who connects people in tough situations to critical services.

A smarter way to search

personalized options in your time of need

60x faster than Google

no wasted time or ambiguous results

24/7 secure access

always available, always safe

Chalmers Enterprise [Core]

Get real-time data with Chalmers Enterprise Core, an online data analytics platform that operates alongside Chalmers to capture and display trends to inform decision-making.

Real-time data at your fingertips

over 100 points of customized user and service data

Identify trends in your community

access to the best available local evidence

Inform your decision-making

enhance your program, budget and policy planning

Regions that are onboard


John Tory

“Ample Labs is a solution to the problem of homelessness. People should visit shelters but shouldn’t be living there.”

John Tory
Mayor, City of Toronto
Cyrus Tehrani

"This new technology has the potential to change how important social services are accessed. I applaud Ample Labs, in partnership with Ontario 211, for developing such a valuable web-app for those in need of critical social services. Chalmers will also serve as a valuable resource to any friend, family member, or frontline advocate that knows someone in need of local services."

Cyrus Tehrani
Chief Digital Officer, City of Hamilton
Andreea Campobasso

“We are always looking for innovative ways to leverage technology so we can improve the lives of our marginalized population. Tech for good – this is what Chalmers is.”

Andreea Campobasso
Major's Office, City of Barrie

Download Chalmers Suite Case Study

Download our 27-page case study on the cost-savings, ROI of Chalmers Suite for Province of Ontario municipalities and the potential benefits of Chalmer Suite to your region.

Chalmers case study

Why Chalmers vs. Alternative?

Our pursuit to prevent the slide into homelessness is what sets us apart.


Leading-edge Artificial Intelligence technology built on Amazon and Google’s tech-stack

Human-Centred Design

Developed together with the community, for the community; Quick and easy navigation; Personalized recommendations


Friendly and empathetic to users’ thoughts and feelings


Database refreshes daily with updates from Ontario 211


Anonymous, secure, dignified experience

Team Ample Leadership

Full-service community, marketing and technical support


What is Chalmers Suite?

Chalmers Suite is a package of Homelessness Prevention software that is designed to serve everyone from at-risk individuals to policymakers. The suite includes Chalmers and Chalmers Enterprise Core.


Chalmers is a friendly chatbot who connects people in tough situations to critical services.

A chatbot is a digital assistant who simulates a text conversation with a caring human.

Chalmers was created to connect individuals to critical resources in their moment of need. Users include individuals seeking assistance, family/friends and frontline workers.

Chalmers can be accessed through any internet browser at

Chalmers is currently available to over 7 million people in Ontario, including Toronto, Hamilton Barrie, York, Peel, Halton and Durham. Chalmers is available to launch in any municipality in North America. Please contact us to learn more.

Chalmers has no-barrier access through any internet browser. Ample Labs is exploring a downloadable app for return users.

We wanted to humanize our chatbot, so we chose a name that is both recognizable and friendly.

We partner with local data providers to populate our database. In Ontario, our primary data partner is Ontario 211.

Chalmers is anonymous to ensure a safe and dignified user experience.

Chalmers Enterprise Core

Chalmers Enterprise Core is a real-time data analytics platform that operates alongside Chalmers.

Chalmers Enterprise Core was created to assist managers, analysts and decision-makers at all levels in the public and non-profit sectors.

Chalmers Enterprise Core is launching in Summer 2021 by subscription. Please contact us for more information.

Chalmers Enterprise Core captures and displays 100+ data points, such as user demographics, service referrals/utilization and geo-mapping.

Click here to watch a demonstration.

Chalmers Enterprise Core equips organizations with the best available evidence to enhance program, budget and policy decisions.

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