An artificial intelligence-powered chatbot that makes it easier to find social services like free meals, shelter, clothing banks and more in the City of Toronto in real-time on desktop and mobile.

What services does Chalmers know?

  • Free Hot Meals
  • Free Legal Services
  • Overnight Shelter
  • Food Banks
  • Job Help
  • Clothing Bank
  • Crisis Number
  • Government Support
  • Drop-Ins
  • Mental Health Services
  • Housing Help
  • Free Things to do in the city
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Inside Chalmers

Hello, my name is Chalmers, and I am what is known as a "chat-bot".

Real-time information

Chalmers can help you look for services happening right now based on your location all in real-time.

Real-time information

Built-in empathy

Chalmers can help you find crisis numbers and online mental health resources when you tell him how you feel.

Built-in empathy

You can speak to him

Chalmers can understand key words like “Job”, “Housing”, “ID”, and “Eviction”.

Speak to him

Can be available in any city

Chalmers can be deployed in any city in North America, if you’re interested in launching Chalmers in your city, shoot us an email at:
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Frequently asked questions about Chalmers

Hand raised

Who is Chalmers for?

Chalmers was co-designed with people who have lived experiences of homelessness to figure out what are the most critical services and skills someone may need.


Why is it called Chalmers?

Chalmers the chatbot was inspired by Chalmers Cards who someone in our community created to hand out to people on the streets. It has lists of important services in the city.

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Who’s providing the information to Chalmers?

We work with 211 Ontario and use their data which feeds in Chalmers.

Laptop and phone

How do I use it? Is it an app?

Chalmers right now is just a web-app, you can use it by going to


Is the information up-to-date or reliable?

Yes, we work with 211 Ontario to make sure the services information on Chalmers is as up to date, as much as possible.

More Features

What other features are coming to Chalmers?

In early 2020, Chalmers will know new services like: mental health, employment, legal, medical and more!

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